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Schedule A Meeting

Call or email our office to schedule a consultation at the most convenient time for you. We see clients Monday through Saturday and even offer evening appointments. Our goal is to make the process as simple and convenient as possible for you.

Before Your Personal Consultation

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive an email request to complete the Financial Planning Questionnaire. Please complete this to the best of your ability. We must have your completed Questionnaire, copies of investment statements and insurance policies returned to our office either by mail, fax or electronic mail, three days prior to your consultation. Feel free to call us at any time if you need assistance completing your worksheet or have any questions whatsoever.

The Day of Your Meeting.

Our initial meeting usually takes about two hours. This meeting serves several purposes:

1. To review your financial information in an effort to clarify your financial life. 
2. Address specific goals, dreams and risks tolerance.
3. Describe the different ways you can work with our firm and what you can expect.
4. Make sure there is a fit not only with your expectations, but with our core values as well.

Each of us has a unique vision for the future, and that vision should guide your journey. Our first task is to fully understand your values and help clarify what’s important to you.

We work with you to define a roadmap for your future so you can live your life on purpose. Looking at your financial life not only in dollars and cents, but also in terms of your personal values and goals for your life, your family and your legacy. Our task is to create a financial course that is clear and well-defined.

What Happens Next?

The next phase of the process will be to review the investment and planning strategy recommendations based on the specific goals discussed in our first meeting.  Whether your situation is complex or straightforward, it is vital to understand your options and how they may affect your personal plans.

Always guided by your needs, our team utilizes independent research through LPL Financial to develop a personalized financial strategy.  By thoroughly exploring your options we can help you choose those that are suitable in following your personal roadmap.

The Journey – “What’s in a name?” Progressive Strategies Financial Group
Financial Planning decisions, as with life decisions are not made in a vacuum. The process evolves over time. The name “Progressive Strategies” means just that.  We work with our clients over time to progressively implement strategies that are appropriate during the various phases of life. The process of “getting your ducks in a row” doesn’t happen in one meeting with a financial advisor.

We provide an ongoing process of review, evaluation and action that helps keep you on course throughout your lifetime. A well-crafted strategy is designed to be adaptive, flexible, and open to revision as your needs change. As professionals charged with supporting your family agenda, we adopt your vision as our own. Your successes, however you define it, is our success. Ultimately, our goal is to allow you to lead a fulfilling life, confident that you are on the course that you have set.

Finally, we are always here for you and we don’t charge for phone calls, faxes, or emails. We want to speak with you and serve as your financial advisor for life. Call or email our office today to schedule your initial consultation.